Wicket Gate Bearings

Improve gate control and turbine efficiency while extending overall bearing life with our self-lubricating material. CIP Hydro™ bearing materials are ideal for use in wicket gate applications, and require no grease or related lubricated systems. Specially formulated to provide smooth operation in both wet and dry installations, CIP Hydro is the superior bearing material to accommodate the small oscillating movements, high bearing pressures and misaligned conditions often found with wicket gate operations.

Wicket Gate Bearings

Lower, upper and intermediate wicket gate bearings are manufactured to specification and are easily machined and installed onsite.

Benefits to using CIP Hydro Wicket Gate Bearings

CIP Hydro™ is tested by Powertech labs and is an approved material by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Round Butte Dam – wicket gates before refurbishment

Wicket Gate Projects

The following is a partial list of the wicket gate projects installed with CIP Hydro bearings.

  • John Day Dam, Oregon, USA
  • GM Shrum Generating Station, British Columbia, Canada
  • Mica Dam, British Columbia, Canada
  • Blue Ridge Dam, Georgia, USA
  • Idaho Falls Power Old Lower Power Plant, Idaho, USA
  • Round Butte Dam, Oregon, USA
  • Beechwood Dam, New Brunswick, Canada

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