tubes & sheets

CIP Composites are available in tubes or sheets made to your specification. CIP Composites are readily machinable by conventional machining techniques. As a general guide they may be treated as bronze, but machined (dry) without coolant. CIP materials are non-toxic, although it is advisable to use adequate dust extraction when machining.

After trimming to correct length each exposed end is visually inspected for de-lamination. Measurements of inner diameter, outer diameter and lengths are performed to ensure material is suitable for machine work and secondary operations.

Minimum Bore 1/2 in.
Maximum Bore 100 in.
Standard Lengths 16 in. – 24 in. – 32 in.

After sheet stock is trimmed and verified for proper size of both length and width, a visual check is performed on all exposed sides to ensure there is no de-lamination of composite. The sheet is then sanded to required thickness and inspected for defects before machining or shipping.

Minimum Thickness 1/8 in.
Maximum Thickness 4 in.
Standard Widths 16 in. – 24 in. – 32 in.
Standard Lengths 24 in. – 36 in. – 48 in. – 60 in.