physical properties

The physical properties of CIP Composites make it an excellent wear and bearing material. As a general guide, this 100% bearing material is best suited for high load, high impact and slow rotating applications. CIP Composite bearings and wear pads are great replacements for your current bronze, nylon, urethane and rubber applications.

thermal properties

CIP Composites are thermal insulators. Under normal circumstances frictional heat is removed via the mating metal surface. The removal of frictional heat may be improved, particularly in dry running applications, by using the housing for additional heat dissipation. The wall thickness of bearings should be kept to a minimum in order to improve heat conduction. However, in cases where shafts or housings are conducting heat to the bearing assembly, a lubricant may be necessary to aid in the removal of heat. Although thermal expansion of CIP Composites is greater than that of most metal alloy bearings; it is consistent, predictable and less than many plastics. Expansion must be taken into account for applications where there will be a temperature change greater than 60°F (15°C), our sales department will provide recommended running clearance.

electrical properties

Certain grades of CIP Composites are excellent insulating materials and may be used in a number of different electrical applications. Non-graphite materials offer customers both a non-conducting and non-magnetic composite that does not build up static charges.
Note: If a magnetic material is desired, we can provide options with graphite filled composites.

chemical resistance

CIP Composites do not corrode and are unaffected by many solvents, inorganic solutions, fats and weak acids. It should be noted that water and chemical liquids often act as lubricants on the material. This may enhance the overall performance and eliminate many of the problems commonly encountered with metal bearings. Composites are attacked by ketones, chlorinated solvents, strong alkalis, and hot strong oxidizing agents.

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