CIP Composites has supplied bearings to the marine industry for 20 years and has earned the reputation of being a reliable source of high quality materials. Commonly used in the marine industry, CIP Marine™  is an environmentally friendly, self-lubricating composite material that provides longer service life than other marine bearing products on the market. CIP Marine propeller shaft, stern tube and strut bearings can be used as direct replacements for existing traditional rubber lined and wood bearing products. CIP Marine bearings are sold in raw tubes or fully machined to specification and ready for installation.

CIP Marine Bearings Designed to Eliminate Oil Lubricated Systems

CIP Marine™ is a long lasting, wear resistant bearing product that can be used to prevent incidental discharges into the waters that are harmful to the marine environment. By using water in lieu of oil to lubricate our propeller shaft bearings they are in compliance with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) VGP (Vessel General Permit) regulation.

Ideal Replacement for Traditional Rubber Lined and Wood Bearings

CIP Marine is an ideal replacement for rubber lined and wood type bearing products. Marine growth such as barnacles often tear up the rubber lining. CIP Marine composite bearing material does not promote marine growth. Barnacles are flushed out, keeping the shaft clean without damaging the composite material.

Wood bearing products are expensive and can be very time consuming to install. Larger type bearings require many small pieces of this wood wedged together, and during the installation the wood must be stabilized in water to swell and then re-machined with the correct running clearance. CIP Marine has virtually no water swell and is ready to install with no further machining required, reducing dry docking time. Other plastic molded bearings are also replaced due to water swell and seizing of vessel steering components.

Users have reported smoother operation after switching to CIP Marine composite material. 

Designing CIP Composites Propeller Shaft, Stern Tube and Strut Bearings

CIP offers a fully equipped machine shop with dust extraction systems on location where components can be manufactured to customers’ specifications or our experts can provide design recommendations. Designs include axial grooves to provide better water flow and lubrication and helps to promote better hydrodynamic operation. CIP composites are easily installed onsite by freezing and/or pressing into place.


CIP Marine™ is ABS and RINA Type Approved for rudder and stern tube bearings.

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