The physical properties of CIP materials make them excellent bearing material. CIP Composites offer design engineers an attractive alternative to the traditional materials used for bearings and bushings, such as bronze or nylon. CIP Composites are only one sixth the weight of steel, easily machined, have good dimensional stability and do not contain harmful or toxic materials.

CIP offers a fully equipped machine shop on location ready to meet your needs. Components can be manufactured to customers’ drawings. Spherical bearings with stainless steel balls, threaded components and many other custom products can be fabricated.
Providing dimensional stability, elevated temperature capacity, and high strength in a non-conducting composite material which can be easily bonded to motor housings or electrical components and then final machined. 

CIP Composites are available in tubes or sheets made to your specification. CIP Composites are readily machinable by conventional machining techniques. As a general guide they may be treated as bronze, but machined (dry) without coolant. CIP materials are non-toxic, although it is advisable to use adequate dust extraction when machining.

CIP Composite wear pads, thrust washers and guide strips offer engineers an attractive, environmentally friendly, and cost effective alternative to more traditional materials, such as PTFE, UHMW, cast nylon and other traditional phenolics. Easily machined in place, CIP Composites and can be retained by countersunk screws and located by keeper plates where high lateral or shearing loads are anticipated. CIP materials can also be bonded using two-part epoxy resin adhesives.

CIP Composite wear rings are 100% bearing material containing polyester textile as its base materials. Excellent dimensional stability in water, corrosive fluids and chemical solutions. It does not have a fiberglass or metallic shell and will not wear mating surfaces. With large diameter capabilities, we offers sizes up to 65 inches to accommodate the variety of different cylinder styles from telescoping to ram cylinders.