CIP TeroTuf, originally designed as a wear material for industrial use, was introduced to the knife industry as a new option for handles. This material has quickly become a preferred alternative to many other utilitarian handle options. TeroTuf is made with 100% polyester resin and fabric with no fillers, is non-toxic, chemically resistant to most cleaning supplies, and does not swell in water. TeroTuf has been weather tested by Ochs Sherworx (after twenty-seven weeks in the sun CIP material showed no noticeable change).

If you are interested in using TeroTuf for your handcrafted knife handles, please contact our sales department for details or visit our online distributors. 

Machining TeroTuf

TeroTuf materials are easily machined by using conventional tooling and methods. The same methods used for aluminum or bronze can be used for TeroTuf. Material should be machined dry which will create dust but is nontoxic, using a dust mask or in a work area with air suction is suggested.

For lathe work, carbide or diamond tipped tools can be used to generate a fine surface finish.

To achieve a fine finish use 3M Scotch-Brite Finishing Flap Brush Grade 5A VFN #01162.

Cutting Angles of Turning

Top Rake: 0° – 6°
Side Rake: 5° – 8°
Front Rake: 4° – 5°

Speed for Cutting
Normal for surface finish: 22 – 26 ft per second

Speed for Feed
First pass/roughing: .015 – .035 inches per revolution
Last pass/finishing: .010 – .015 inches per revolution