Specialty industries

CIP Composites can be utilized in a variety of different industries and are not limited to those shown within the site. Applications that require high loads and are slow rotating is the first indication on whether your application can be improved by using CIP Composite materials. Our engineers and sales team are available to help determine if our material would be a good fit for your application.

We have seen success when using our materials for bearings, wear pads, and wear rings in many applications. A few industries not shown in detail on our site include robotic automation, waste handling, water treatment plants, railroad, food processing, parks and resorts, and handcrafted knives. The following pages within this section highlight some of those successes. Allow us to showcase your success using our material, contact and tell us your story! 

success story

Heceta head lighthouse

In 2013, Heceta Head Lighthouse decided to remove and replace the old, worn-out friction rollers and bronze bearings that had seized up in the wheels. CIP Composite bearings and thrust washers were used throughout the lighthouse, including the main shaft guide, leveler wheels, and the Sun Gear. The use of CIP Composite material eliminated the need for lubrication and stopped loud squeaking noise caused by the bronze material.

CIP bearing in main shaft guide.

Thrust washer & sleeve bearing in leveler..

Bearings and thrust washers in sun gear.