Drilling & completion equipment


Unlike offshore, the onshore industry requires materials that have capabilities to operate in dry and sometimes dusty conditions. CIP Composites are ideal for replacing greased bronze bearings, eliminating the need to purge the greasing system due to the dusty conditions. Columbia Industrial Products offer several material grades that are suited for different conditions. Our sales department will work with you to choose the best CIP material for your application.

CIP Composites has success in several drilling and completion equipment applications including iron rough necks, rig walkers, pumpjack cylinders, coil tubing gooseneck rollers, downhole products, and pipe and cable laying. 


Iron roughneck linkage bearings

Boom/mast slide pads

Pumpjack cylinder bearings

Winch skidding pads

Blowout preventer wear rings

Pipe stacker pivot bushings and linkage

Rig walker bearing plate, insulator pads and thrust washers

Coil tubing gooseneck rollers