Cruise liners and large ship owners need to keep the balance of maintaining a ship, while keeping down time to a minimum. Thrusters are a vital roll in the safety of docking ships on a regular basis, replacing bronzed greasing systems with CIP Composites can extend the service life of the bearing while decreasing the vibration and promoting a smooth quiet operation caused by bronze bearings.

Columbia Industrial Products offers emergency support, minimizing dock time. CIP Composites are easily machined onsite and can be freeze fitted or press fitted. Our knowledgeable team can provide technical support for the design calculations for interference and clearance fits for your application.

We recommend using CIP Marine™ and CIP 252 for most marine applications. Our sales team will recommend the best material and design for your specific application. 



CIP Composite thruster bearings are water lubricated with the added ability to have axial grooves machined into the bearing, providing better water flow and lubrication.