fin stabilizers

Oil leakage and lubricant discharges from marine equipment such as fin stabilizers are causing marine operators to find alternative solutions to previous standard grease and oil systems. Although the EPA has provided accommodations allowing the use of environmentally acceptable lubricants (EAL), the better alternative is to replace bearing grease systems altogether with water lubricated materials.

Columbia Industrial Products offers emergency support, minimizing dock time. CIP Composites are easily machined onsite and can be freeze fitted or press fitted. Our knowledgeable team can provide technical support for the design calculations for interference and clearance fits for your application.

We recommend using CIP Marine™ and CIP 252 for most marine applications. Our sales team will recommend the best material for your specific application. 

Success story

In May of 2016, a cruise ship went into dry dock for service which included replacing a broken stabilizer. It was determined that the flap bearings from the OEM for the new fin stabilizer would not work, and needed replaced. CIP is known for its dry-dock emergency support for replacement bearings. When the call came in CIP answered the request for this urgent delivery and provided the bearings the same day!

Broken Fin Stabilizer

Fin Stabilizer with CIP bearings installed.