WASTE & Recycling

The waste and recycling industry is continuously faced with regulation changes and challenges. Examples include the adoption of waste to energy practices, incorporating new regulations for proper handling of hazardous and non-hazardous solid waste, and sorting of waste for recycling. Organizations are looking to reduce maintenance downtime and cost, engage in environmentally friendly practices, and find new solutions for dealing with garbage.

The equipment in this industry is faced with its own harsh challenges that include working in dirty environments, exposure to chemicals, operating in a range of temperatures, and often times are in hard to reach locations making down time for maintenance and repairs costly.

CIP Composites offer solutions to this industry with bearing and wear materials for hydraulic cylinders, handling systems, conveyors, sorting and shredding systems, heavy equipment and garbage transportation equipment. Commonly used to replace more traditional metallic and thermoplastic materials, CIP materials are self-lubricating and do not promote galling which can cause extensive damage to the shaft, requiring re-machining or shaft replacement. The solid lubricants that are added to the resin system are evenly dispersed throughout the material, allowing for very low wear rates and long service life with fewer maintenance cycles. 


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