Moving fluids has never been as critical as it is now, whether for agricultural, drainage, mining applications, or the oil & gas industry, customers are demanding higher efficiencies and longer service life to maximize production capabilities while reducing overall maintenance costs. By offering long wearing and specialty type composite bearing materials, CIP can provide material or designed components that will meet the demands of your pump application. Providing quick delivery, design support and custom manufacturing we are ready to respond and help solve your pump service problems.

CIP Composite have been used in a variety of pump types, including: vacuum, axially split, mud, sump, and vertical pumps. 

Product types include water-lubricated bearing, sleeve bearing, flange bearing, oil slinger ring, wear rings.  

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Application highlight

water lubricated bushing in vertical pumps
CIP vertical pump bearing

CIP Composite water-lubricated bearing replaced a bronze bearing in this vertical pump.

CIP composite materials will not contaminate the oils with metallic particles, decreasing wear on the bearings and extending the lift of seals.