The mining industry around the world is faced with the challenge to innovate and develop technology and strategies to increase productivity while decreasing energy consumption and environmental impact. Mining companies are considering innovation towards sustainable cost reduction strategies to improve margins, borrowing solutions from other industries and working with suppliers to find novel approaches to an age old problem.

The mining industry is notoriously tough on equipment and components, with demanding applications which often have inhospitable conditions, high pressures and impact loading that take a toll on the rotating and moving equipment. Dirty or caustic environments can often be detrimental to the life of bearings, especially those that require grease lubrication. CIP Composites are self-lubricated therefore eliminate the need for lubrication lines and fittings, specifically in applications that require high loads with slow rotation or oscillation. CIP bearing solutions are used for a wide range of mining applications, providing an alternative to greased bronze bearings, thrust washers, and wear pads. 


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