Mining Equipment

The mining industry is notoriously tough on equipment and components, with demanding applications that often have inhospitable conditions, high pressures, and impact loading that take a toll on the rotating and moving equipment. Mining environments can be dirty and caustic, which can be detrimental to the life of bearings, especially those that require grease lubrication. 

CIP Composites, a self-lubricating material, can eliminate the need for lubrication lines and fittings. CIP bearing solutions are used for many mining equipment applications, providing an alternative to bearings, thrust washers, and wear pads. These wear parts are designed for mining equipment applications requiring high loads with slow rotation or oscillation. Contact us to find out if your mining equipment application could benefit from switching to a CIP Composite material.

mining equipment
successful applications

limestone aggregate plant

This is a 700,000 pound moving limestone aggregate plant. CIP composite walking beam pivot bushings (24″ ID x 27″ OD x 30″ L) installed.    

Limestone Aggregate Plant Mining Equipment

slimes repulper - Mine tailings

Image below shows the damage to the shaft from roller bearings previously installed. Customer now uses CIP bearings, and thrust plates that extended the life from 4-6 months to 3 years. 

Slimes Repulper Mining Equipment
Mining Equipment

The mining industry worldwide seeks to innovate and develop technology and strategies to increase productivity while decreasing energy consumption and environmental impact. Additionally, they are considering ways to reduce costs sustainably to improve margins, using solutions from other industries, and working with suppliers to find novel approaches to an age-old problem. 

Columbia Industrial Products (CIP) recognizes the importance of reducing costs while lowering environmental impact. Learn more about cost savings with CIP Composites by switching from alternative materials such as greased bronze. 

Composite parts for mining equipment.