Industrial Market

Industrial applications can be found in many industries and range from hydraulic cylinders to heavy duty equipment. Many industrial applications are in harsh environments including dirt and mud, chemicals, a range of temperatures, and hard to reach locations, making maintenance a challenge. Equipment down time for maintenance and repairs can be detrimental to the industry.

CIP Composites offers solutions for rigorous industrial applications by extending wear life while reducing or eliminating external lubricants and undesired maintenance. As a general guide, CIP Composite bushing materials can replace your current bronze or nylon based wear and bearing materials. Sold in tubes or sheets for easy machining onsite, or custom manufactured with short lead times.




CIP Composite bearings replaced the greased bronze bearings at every pivot point in this boom mower. Grease was only used during the installation; after two years the mower was still in service, and the CIP Composite bearings were considered a success in reducing undesired maintenance and the need for grease.

crane application

Crane Masts / Davits / Outriggers

CIP guide bearing and outrigger pads replace traditional bronze and nylon, eliminating the need for greasing systems and undesired maintenance.


CIP Stabilizer guide bearing for long reaching cylinder rod.