Columbia Industrial Products is the leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly, self-lubricating composite bearings and wear pads designed to replace greased bronze components inside various turbine designs, gates and valves, and auxiliary equipment found in hydropower. CIP Hydro™ material is a composite solution for the hydropower industry that provides the perfect balance of performance, availability, and cost to satisfy the most rigorous demands of your hydropower generation project, no matter the schedule or scale.

We are equipped to provide our hydropower customers with quality assurance, formal documentation, and products that will perform for decades in various environments. Columbia Industrial Products has built a solid reputation with the US Army Corps of Engineers, utilities, and contractors, providing high-quality bearing products.

CIP HYDRO Composite Bearings



There are a variety of failure critical hydropower applications where CIP Hydro provides an advantage to eliminate lubrication and maintenance requirements both inside the hydroelectric turbine and on the dam structure and equipment.

inside hydroelectric turbine

  • Long wear life, ideal for oscillatory motion operating in either a dry or submerged environment.
  • Removal of complex greasing systems and improved frictional performance.
  • Water lubricated guide bearings provide proven solution to transition from oil lubricated systems.

dam structure and equipment

  • Intermittently operated structures benefit from this self-lubricating material that can support the loading and not degrade over time.
  • CIP Hydro bushings can sit static for extended periods with smooth transition to motion.
  • An environmentally friendly solution eliminates contamination of the water streams from components going in and out of the water, eliminating the risk of loss of lubrication.

fish screens & ladders

trash rakes

locks & gates


Hydropower plant