Hydraulic and Pneumatic equipment

Hydraulic cylinders are the ideal choice for a host of mobile and industrial applications where power and reliability, along with low operating costs are required. Hydraulic (and even pneumatic and electrical actuator) cylinders are handling more demanding applications than in previous years, such as the use of smaller cylinders which force higher and higher operating pressures. Manufacturers and servicers alike depend on quality components to ensure that their finished product meet or exceeds the customer requirements including long service life, affordability, and availability.

CIP Composite wear rings can meet these requirements by providing solutions for high temperatures, large size requirements, high loads, high bearing pressure, and the need for excellent stability in water, corrosive fluids and chemical solutions. The cost associated with equipment downtime and repairs can be reduced by using CIP Composites which are custom made using high quality materials with lead times that meet your needs.

CIP wear rings are designed to allow smooth operation and high side loads while protecting the sealing elements and preventing metal to metal contact in hydraulic cylinders. They are preferred where high performance, large diameters and/or high temperatures are required. CIP wear rings reduce overall maintenance and increase wear life.

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