CIP Composites are available in tubes or sheets made to your specifications. Tubes and sheets are readily machinable by conventional machining techniques and, as a general guide, are treated as bronze but machined (dry) without coolant. When machining these materials that are non-toxic, it is advisable to use adequate dust extraction when machining.

Trimmed to the correct length, CIP Composite tubes are visually inspected for delamination. Measurements of inner diameter, outer diameter, and lengths are performed to ensure the material is suitable for machine work and secondary operations.

Minimum ID 1/2 in.
Maximum OD 100 in.
Standard Lengths 16 in. – 24 in. – 32 in.ID

Sheets are trimmed and verified for proper length and width size; a visual check is performed on all exposed sides to ensure there is no de-lamination of the composite. Sheets are then sanded to the required thickness and inspected for defects before machining or shipping.

Minimum Thickness 1/8 in.
Maximum Thickness 4 in.
Standard Widths 16 in. – 24 in. – 32 in.
Standard Lengths 24 in. – 36 in. – 48 in. – 60 in.


Manufactured as tubes and sheets, CIP Composites are then custom machined into various products. We offer in-house focused specialty machining of finished components, including large-diameter needs. An advantage of working with Columbia Industrial Products is the support we offer for new opportunities for innovation and custom applications. Contact our sales and engineering department with your project to see if CIP Composites are a good fit.

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