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Columbia Industrial Products offers a specifically designed composite material, CIP Marine™,Marine Bearing for the marine industry to help solve the needs for self lubricating bearings with high quality and quick delivery from a dependable source. As rudder bearings and stern tube bearings, CIP Marine™ is an environmentally friendly laminated composite material made by impregnating textiles with thermo setting resins and solid lubricants. This specialized, reliable, self lubricated composite material is helping eliminate undesired maintenance and dry docking time while optimizing the friction, wear and bearing functions.

CIP Marine Stern Tube BearingCIP Marine™ is a long lasting, wear resistant, self lubricated, greaseless bearing material that can aid in eliminating complex lubrication systems, while reducing the frequency of bearing replacement and dry docking fees. As self lubricated rudder bearings, stern tube bearings, thruster bearings, fairleads and slipway pads, CIP Marine™ offers a low coefficient of friction and low coefficient of thermal expansion with negligible moisture absorption. CIP Marine™ is corrosion resistant and light weight, while having high load and high impact capabilities. With excellent dimensional stability in wet and dry environments, easy to machine and can be press or freeze fitted with the ability to machine in place. CIP does not use abrasive filler materials (calcium carbonate-CaCO3) and is a 100% bearing material that is stable where misalignment is present.

CIP Marine is custom designed to your specifications for both below and above the water line, from pleasure boats to tankers. Columbia Industrial Products offers an extensive range of ID sizes up to 54" and provides the options for raw tubes / sheets or finished parts. As a general guide, CIP Marine™ composites can be used as replacements for existing, bronze/rubber, urethane or lignum-vitae based wear and bearing materials.


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