Other Industries

CIP Composites can be utilized in a variety of different industries and are not limited to those shown within the site. Applications that require high loads and are slow rotating is the first indication on whether your application can be improved by using CIP Composite materials. Our engineers and sales team are available to help determine if our material would be a good fit for your application.

We have seen success when using our materials for bearings, wear pads, and wear rings in many applications. A few industries not shown in detail on our site include robotic automation, waste handling, water treatment plants, railroad, food processing, parks and resorts, and handcrafted knives. The following pages within this section highlight some of those successes. Allow us to showcase your success using our material, contact marketing@cipcomposites.com and tell us your story!

Other Industries


CIP Composite bearing material is an ideal alternative to traditional bronze for the railroad industry. Capable of high loads in dirty environments, this light weight alternative is self lubricating, eliminating the need for external lubrication and decreasing maintenance time.

Your bushing provides us with a cost effective solution with good wear characteristic, low friction and compressive strength.  Another reason is the fact that our customers will not have to grease these pivot bushings.

You were also able to provide us with a bushing that was customized to meet our needs for ease of removal/installation when maintenance would be performed. – Jeff Looney

Other Industries

Food Processing

CIP composite bearings, wear rings and wear pads have had great success in food processing. With self lubricating properties, our materials eliminate the need for greased bronze bearings, is chemically resistant and stable when exposed to caustic solutions during sanitation processes.

CIP materials are nontoxic but because of the porous nature of the material it conforms to the FDA when the material is not in direct contact with food.

Other Industries

Parks and Resorts

Amusement Rides

Amusement parks integrate a wide range of moving parts, automated devices and motion control components. CIP self lubricated bearings have proven to be an effective solution for designers, and maintenance staff to improve performance and reduce maintenance on these devices. CIP composite bearings reduce maintenance costs by eliminating the need to grease the components, and offer smooth, quiet performance, increasing the enjoyment for the park attendees.

Water Wave Parks

Water can be problematic for a number of common bearing solutions, and Water Wave Parks can avoid these issues by utilizing CIP Self Lubricated bearings in their components. CIP bearings operate very well in wet or submerged conditions, eliminate the need for grease, and are capable of running in chlorinated water. Offering low friction/wear, high load capacity, and negligible water swell, CIP’s products are an ideal bearing solution in water wave parks.

Playgrounds and Local Parks

Eliminate costly maintenance in your playgrounds and local parks by replacing your greased bearings with CIP self lubricated composite bearings. CIP materials work fantastic without the need for grease in wet or dry environments and have to load capacity to replace the bearing materials in your playground equipment and water fountains.

Ski Lifts

Greased bearings, if not housed or maintained properly, can drip grease making the snow dirty or stain your rider’s snow gear. Replace these greased bronze bearings with CIP self lubricated bearings to extend life and eliminate costly greasing maintenance. CIP composite bearings have a low wear rate, quiet operation, can sustain a broad temperature range and are an environmentally friendly solution. […]

Other Industries

Knife Handles

CIP TeroTuf™, originally designed as a wear material for industrial use, was introduced to the knife industry as a new option for handles. This material has quickly become a preferred alternative to many other utilitarian handle options. TeroTuf is made with 100% polyester resin and fabric with no fillers, is non-toxic, chemically resistant to most cleaning supplies, and does not swell in water. TeroTuf has been weather tested by Ochs Sherworx (after twenty-seven weeks in the sun CIP material showed no noticeable change).

If you are interested in using TeroTuf for your handcrafted knives, please contact our sales department for details or visit our distributor at USAKnifemaker.com

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Machining TeroTuf

TeroTuf materials are easily machined by using conventional tooling and methods. The same methods used for aluminum or bronze can be used for TeroTuf. Material should be machined dry which will create dust but is nontoxic, using a dust mask or in a work area with air suction is suggested.

For lathe work, carbide or diamond tipped tools can be used to generate a fine surface finish.

To achieve a fine finish use 3M Scotch-Brite Finishing Flap Brush Grade 5A VFN #01162.

Cutting Angles of Turning

James Helm, Knifemaker

Ben Tendick, Knifemaker

Top Rake: 0° – 6°
Side Rake: 5° – 8°
Front Rake: 4° – 5°

Speed for Cutting
Normal for surface finish: 22 – 26 ft per second

Speed for Feed
First pass/roughing: .015 – .035 inches per revolution
Last pass/finishing: .010 – .015 inches per revolution

Other Industries

Special Projects

We have enjoyed helping out with many special projects over the years, below are a few of our favorites. Contact us for more information on how we can help with your special project.

Heceta Head Lighthouse

In 2009, Heceta Head Lighthouse decided to remove and replace the old, worn-out friction rollers and bronze bearings that had seized up in the wheels. CIP Composite bearings and thrust washers were used throughout the lighthouse, including the main shaft guide, leveler wheels, and the Sun Gear. The use of CIP Composite material eliminated the need for […]