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Why CIP Composites™?

CIP Composite™ materials are laminated polymer materials made by impregnating textile with thermosetting resins.

CIP Bearings

The physical properties of CIP materials make them excellent bearing materials. CIP Composites™ offer design engineers an attractive, cost effective alternative to the traditional materials used for bushings, bearings, wear pads, and thrust washers, such as bronze, brass or nylon. CIP Composites™ are only 1/6 the weight of steel, easily machined, have good dimensional stability and do not contain harmful or toxic materials.

CIP Composites™ are a non-metallic, high load, high impact and self lubricating laminated materials. Our textiles and thermosetting resins are blended with graphite, moly, PTFE, and/or other proprietary lubricants which have become major problem solvers for many industries.
Composite bushing

CIP Composite™ bearing materials offer many advantages compared to other glass backed composite polymers, bronze and steel materials. CIP Composites™ have a wide range of applications that can be utilized and are especially
ideal for pivoting and sliding applications.




Advantages of Using CIP Composites™
arrowSelf lubricating
arrowLow coefficient of friction
arrowOutstanding mechanical strength
arrowExcellent dimensional stability in water, corrosive fluids
and chemical solutions
arrowExcellent Wear resistance
arrowNon-abrasive to mating surfaces (does not contain abrasive fillers – such as calcium carbonate CaCO3)
arrow100% bearing material (no metallic or fiberglass shell)
arrowEasily Machined
arrowShock load resistance
arrowHigh load capacity
arrowElimination of grease lubrication with solid lubricants
arrowLow maintenance
arrowCustom manufactured
arrowManufacture non-standard shapes and sizes
arrowElectrical insulating and non-magnetic series are available
arrowEnvironmentally Friendly
arrowEngineering support available
arrowManufactured in U.S.A.
Standard Applications
arrowPlain bearings - standard or custom walls
arrowWear pad
arrowThrust washer
arrowPivoting or oscillating movements
arrowCustom Bearings and structure parts

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